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Ms Chen holds a MBA in National University of Singapore and also graduated from East China Normal University. She has many years of experience in local Chinese education and has conducted research specifically on PSLE Chinese question styles and teaching methods. Her lessons are very engaging, emphasising on interaction with her students. Not only is this effective in helping her students tackle the exams, it also trains her students' language expression and thinking, hence she is deeply loved by her students and parents alike. 毕业于华东师范大学,新加坡国大工商管理硕士(MBA)。陈老师拥有多年本地华文教学经验,对PSLE华文的出题思路和培训技巧有系统的研究。陈老师对新加坡教育制度和华文教学也有长期的研究与观察。她的课生动有趣,注重与学生互动,致力于在帮助孩子应对考试的同时,切实培养孩子的语言表达和思维能力,寓教于乐,成效卓著,因此深受学生喜爱和家长的好评。陈老师的有关PSLE华文,华文学习以及其它教育讲座也广受欢迎。