Tutoring Experience (in years):30 Teacher Ganga is an ex-MOE teacher with 30years teaching experience for Upper Primary level mainly, and was last teaching in Nanyang Primary for 2 years for the Gifted Program English as well as Math and Science. She will usually guide student doing papers together during lesson, analyze the student's papers on where they make the mistake and help them with their weaknesses. She is patient and meticulous, familiar with MOE primary school teaching system. Ganga老师是前南洋小学教师,教育部MOE受训老教师,主教英文、数学、科学(EMS科目),2年GEP英文科目教学经验。教学经验丰富,和蔼可亲、教学风格较严格,喜欢鼓励同学们讨论和交流,通过分析学生的学习弱点,帮助孩子们提高。