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Ms Huang graduated from ShanghaiTech University, majoring in Applied Mathematics and Oxford Brookes University, majoring in Applied Accountancy. She taught mathematics in local primary schools for more than 10 years, and has rich experiences teaching both the GEP and normal stream students. She is familiar with each level's teaching content and is passionate about teaching Mathematics. She believes that each student has each of their unique strengths and with proper practice, they will be able to improve and excel in Mathematics, passing PSLE with flying colours. 上海科技大学理科学士,主修应用数学。英国 Oxford Brookes University理科学士,主修应用会计。黄老师曾经参与本地小学数学教学十多年, 拥有丰富的教授高才班和主流班同学的教学经验。黄老师熟悉各个年级的课程内容。她热爱数学教学,相信每个同学都有他/她各自的独特之处。只要精心栽培,假以时日,每个同学都能在数学学习方面得到长足的进步,并在小六会考的数学考试中取得优良的成绩。