Teacher Mark is a Professor of English Literature, currently working in a University as an English Professor. He has over 20 years of experience in teaching English and Literature. Not only knowledgeable and humorous, teacher Mark love teaching and focus on exploring with students and patiently guiding students. He is a charismatic teacher who motivates his students, Teacher Mark is highly praise by many students and parents. 英文文学博士,大学英文教授。二十多年的英文教学经验。 知识渊博、耐心、风趣,热爱教学、风格质朴,喜欢和孩子们深入交流,带着孩子们领略英文经典书的魅力。上过Mark教授课的同学和家长都给与他极大的好评. 10岁前打好阅读基础对语言的学习至关重要,欢迎跟着Mark教授轻松阅读、领略英文的美!