Sara Zhang
Mandarin Lecturer
LocationOne Raffles Place
Specialist InProfessional Chinese
ExperienceMore than 12 years


Madam Sara is Mandarin Lecturer and Certified HSK and YCT trainer. She has been a part of the teaching faculty for Chinese language more than 12 years in Singapore. She specializes in teaching both foreign and local students who are learning Mandarin as a foreign language. She also provides tuition for local students who are having difficulties handling the local school’s Chinese syllabus. She has developed many unique techniques for handling the local school curriculum. Her strength is being able to teach various students of crucial years, especially for PSLE, 'O' and 'A' levels. She is able to identify the individual student areas to strengthen and cater to their respective needs.

张老师是位资深对外汉语教学教师。毕业于南洋理工大学孔子学院,获颁专业华文教学文凭,同时也是HSK、YCT资格讲师。在新加坡从事对外汉语教学12年,专业研究针对本地学府母语的教学方式,以"因材施教"加上特有的教学方法能迅速有效的帮助学生应付尤其是'PSLE','O' 和'A' level 各重要级别的考试。