Zoey Liu
Mandarin Lecturer
LocationOne Raffles Place
Specialist InProfessional Chinese
Experience3 Years


Zoey is a certified HSK & YCT trainer. She arrived Singapore in 1994, and studied at the Singapore Institute of Management. She is able to stimulate her students'interest in the Chinese language and culture within a short period of time. She teaches Chinese as a foreign language with great enthusiasm, patience and dedication.

HSK, YCT 资格讲师。1994年来新,毕业于新加坡管理学院。Ms Liu 多年来以极大的热情投入到“对外汉语”教学中。她认真,亲切,有耐心的教导在新工作/学习的各国朋友们,使他们在短时间内对中华文化产生浓厚的兴趣。