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Highest Qualification: BA(Hons) in Literature from NUS, MA (University of Auckland) School attended: RJC, NUS, University of Auckland, NIE (Diploma in Education) More than 20 years teaching experience including A-Level and O-Level English. Emphasis on strengthening Vocabulary, Idiomatic phrases, Comprehension & Essay writing skills. Students’ results are usually A1 & A2. RJC毕业, NUS国大英国文学专业、奥克兰大学留学,曾任教育部MOE-南洋JC、NJC英文老师,20多年的教学经验,擅长英国文学、GP A-level和O-level英文语法及阅读理解、英文时事讨论及词汇基础教学。教学风格严谨、亲切,喜欢课堂深入沟通。(online授课学生需开镜头并写清楚名字)