Esther Jiang
Senior Mandarin Lecturer
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LocationOne Raffles Place
Specialist InProfessional Chinese
ExperienceMore than 10 Years


Ms. Jiang is a Senior Mandarin Lecturer and Certified HSK and YCT trainer, with more than ten years of teaching and living experience in Beijing China, Japan and Singapore. She was a professional in marketing, editing, publishing, writing press releases, organizing press conferences and media when she was living in Beijing China. She has a rich experience in teaching Chinese to school students and business people. She likes to teach by telling stories, using examples to illustrate complicated Chinese characters and profound Chinese culture to her students. She is passionate about teaching Chinese, and always enjoy to share her experiences with her students. To her, the most rewarding and enjoyable occupation is to teach Chinese, which she accomplishes in her own charming and delightful way.

资深对外汉语教学高级讲师,HSK、YCT资格讲师。十年对外汉语教学经验,中国、日本、新加坡三地教学及生活经验,具 有丰富的汉语教学方法。喜欢用讲故事、举例子的方法将有趣的汉字和汉语文化教授给学生。在从事汉语教学工作以前,主 要在中国北京从事与市场相关的汉语创作,包括编辑出版杂志、撰写新闻稿件、组织媒体新闻发布会及报纸、电视电台采访 等工作。最喜欢的工作之一就是清晰、简单、明了地把汉语教给喜爱它的人们。