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Teacher Michael is from US, he has two decades’ experience in education and have taught English in four countries in Asia and Europe. He hold a Bachelor of Science in Language Arts degree of Languages and Linguistics and a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics . Michael老师来自美国,拥有20多年的英文教学经验,分别在亚洲和欧洲多国从事英文教学。拥有语言文字学的本科和硕士学位。Michael老师深厚的语言文字学背景加上他二十年丰富的教学经验,以及他的耐心和同理心,都使得他的课程不仅专业,更是一个愉快的语言学习体验。他的教学理念是让每个学生都拥有一个正面的,成功的学习经验。 Teaching Style: Teacher Michael’s strong academic grounding in languages and linguistics, his experience in working with different people and living in several countries, and his compassion for fellow humans have combined to give him the ability to offer students a professional and at the same time enjoyable language learning experience, his mission in teaching is to ensure each student has a positive, successful learning experience . Michael老师深厚的语言文字学背景加上他二十年丰富的教学经验,以及他的耐心和同理心,都使得他的课程不仅专业,更是一个愉快的语言学习体验。他的教学理念是让每个学生都拥有一个正面的,成功的学习经验。