Kristina He
Senior Mandarin Lecturer
LocationOne Raffles Place
Specialist InProfessional Chinese
Experience15 Years


Ms. He is a Senior Mandarin Lecturer and Certified HSK and YCT trainer. She has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language for 15 years in Beijing and Singapore. She has extensive educational experience in foreign language teaching, formal education class instruction, and Chinese language and literature. She has specialized in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language to English native speakers. She is the designer of a series of textbooks for business professionals, consisting of “My first Chinese Book”, “My Second Chinese Book”, and “My Third Chinese Book”. Ms. He has taught Chinese, Business Chinese and Chinese Culture to thousands of professional clients.

资深对外汉语教学高级讲师,HSK、YCT资格讲师。在北京和新加坡两地从事对外汉语教学15年,拥有对外汉语教学,英语 教育和汉语言文学三方面的教育背景,专业研究针对母语为英语的学员从零起点学习汉语,设计和开发 《My first chinese book》、《My second chinese book》、《My third chinese book》等系列教材,帮助和教授上千名商务 人士了学习汉语。