Liu Yan
Mandarin Lecturer
LocationOne Raffles Place
Specialist InProfessional Chinese
Experience9 Years


Ms Liu is a Mandarin Lecturer and HSK, YCT certified trainer. She graduated from Beijing International Studies University. She moved to Singapore in May 2009, then studied at the Confucius Institution of Nanyang Technological University, in teaching Chinese language. With her high standard of Mandarin pronunciation, together with her fluent English, she is able to deliver her lessons in an easy and joyful way. She respects each individual student, no matter what level his or her Chinese is. Whichever first language you are speaking, Ms Liu can always find out the best way to help you learn Chinese.

对外汉语教学讲师,HSK、YCT资格讲师,毕业于中国北京第二外语大学。2009年来新加坡,曾就读于南洋理工大学孔子 学院。刘老师的普通话发音标准,擅长以流利的英文教授华文。无论您的华语基础是零还是高级,刘老师总是能以生动、有 趣的方式使她的华文课充满趣味欢乐。她尊重每一个学生,不管是程度很差还是很好的学生,她总会根据学生的情况找出适 合的学习方法。她认真、耐心地对待每个学生,希望带个大家一段有趣又有用的学习旅程。