Yico Yan
Mandarin Lecturer
LocationOne Raffles Place
Specialist InProfessional Chinese
Experience3 Years


Yico Yan is an young, energetic teacher from Sichuan. She possesses a deep understanding of Chinese culture and literature, and has been published in a Chinese newspaper. Ms Yico uses a variety of teaching methods to target Mandarin reading, listening, speaking, and writing individually. This allows students to quickly master the grammar and begin using Mandarin in their daily lives, as well as efficiently target difficulties the students face in language learning. She also recognizes the importance of motivation in language learning and takes steps to encourage the interest and confidence of students.

严老师 是一名年轻有活力的老师,来自四川,中文功底深厚,曾有文章上报。留学期间在新加坡从事对外汉语教学三年,对于学习中文,她善于从听说读入手,帮助学生快速地掌握中文语法的基本要领,并且专注于培养学生的兴趣从而在学习中建立自信。