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Beijing Chinese International (BJCI) is devoted to helping students develop their own Chinese language skills through the use of professional, interesting, interactive and practical teaching methods. We combine traditional Chinese culture and modern positive teaching philosophy, in order to present the most exciting Chinese language lessons possible to all of our students.

BJCI has more than ten years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. We have a proven track record of providing Chinese language courses to local government students, international students and business professionals. In addition, we offer HSK and YCT exam preparation courses and lectures on Chinese Culture. We also provide Chinese language workshops that educate our students utilizing listening, speaking, reading and writing, playing and other methodologies. These are Chinese lessons designed for everyone!

BJCI’s instructors and tutors are all highly qualified and experienced; each of them speaks with the highest Mandarin dialect. They all have professional backgrounds, and are fluent in the words and phrases needed for business. Most importantly, in our opinion, is their patience with students, and their passion for teaching Chinese language and Chinese culture. We are confident that we can bring to each student a joyful and meaningful learning experience with BJCI.

北京汉语国际秉持传承北京标准普通话的目标,力图用专业、轻松、实用的教学方法,为学员制定个性化的汉语培训,运用现代快乐教学理念,结合中国传统 文化,呈现中国汉语的精彩。

作为一个有着十多年汉语教学基础的机构,我们提供以汉语为第二语言的国际学校汉语课程、新加坡政府学校汉语课程以及针对商务人士的商务中文。同时, 北京汉语国际也提供汉语水平考试(HSK)、中小学生汉语考试(YCT)的培训。此外,针对学员的需求,我们也提供相关中国文化讲座。将从听、说、读、写、 玩等几方面,进行汉语学习和使用。

北京汉语国际的每名指导教师都具备专业文凭、标准的普通话发音以及同汉语学习相关的商务背景。这些具有资深背景的教师将尽心辅导每一位学生,将汉语 这一有趣、有深度的语言讲授给每一个热爱它的人。

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” BJCI’s Kristina is a superb and very patient teacher. I travel alot for work. Kristina was able to accommodate my ever-changing work schedule. She is really enthusiastic about teaching foreigners Mandarin. She makes classes fun and interesting with real life situations. I recommend Kristina to anyone interested in learning Mandarin. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Chris Nuciforo, Asia Pacific Business Manager Glaucoma and Retinal Diagnostics and Therapy Ophthalmic Systems

I’d like to thank BJCI herewith for her patience and her continuous encouragement during the lessons. I really enjoyed the Chinese lessons with them. Kristina’s teaching approach is extremely efficient, disciplined and enriched with the necessary pinch of spice. We also shared many lighter moments. Kristina was always punctual and flexible in arranging appointments, which was important due to my often-changing schedule and business trips. I never felt bored and got from her just the right dose of challenge to keep me going. Kristina responded positively anytime I asked for a specific topic and tailored lessons to meet my needs without losing sight of the bigger framework. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about learning Chinese

Rudolf Oschwald, Director of Client Markets From Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd

I would be very happy to give BJCI a reference for other learners as I found the teacher is very effective and coach who could not only convey the vocabulary and meaning but also the context and issues that arise when conversing in Chinese. I also genuinely thought it was great fun to have a conversation-based lesson that really brought the language to life.

Eddie Macshane, Finance Director from DIAGEO